Blending The Physical With The Non-Physical 2014

Blending The Physical With The Non-Physical 2014

In this retreat, Bentinho guides participants through an exploration of different ways to feel one’s way into the non-physical realm of intuitive consciousness, as well as how to access this realm during everyday activities.

By increasing your frequency through means such as tuning into the non-physical aspect of consciousness, you raise the vibration of the physical matter in your embodied reality. This causes your physical reality to act more like non-physical energy, removing limitations and giving you more freedom.

Through this blending of the physical and non-physical, you can achieve a greater sense of spaciousness, more accurate intuition, the ability to feel into objects as if they are holographic, more joy, higher-frequency downloads (packages of information that are not based on purely physical perception), less of a sense of linear time, and a greater ability to naturally allow your highest dreams to become manifest.

Join this retreat to up your game so that your everyday reality becomes more and more magical and malleable.

April 2014 Boulder, Colorado

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Blending The Physical With The Non-Physical 2014

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