Maui Bliss Retreat - 2016

Maui Bliss Retreat - 2016

Bentinho + Hawaii—need we say more?

Bliss is what you will learn to see, feel and become during this retreat. Bentinho becomes the embodiment of the frequency of divine bliss, and most of his teachings during this event are aimed at getting you beyond your mind’s limited constructs and into an utterly free and empowered state of consciousness saturated with joy, love and ecstasy. Become transformed. Melt into The Creator. Merge with your Higher Self. Feel the relief, the liberation and the resulting inner power.

“The intention I feel for this retreat is to get the people so soaked in bliss, that for the rest of their lives they will have this amazing experiential memory to draw from that functions like an activation switch. Whenever they remember their experience of this retreat and how effortless it was for them to soar high in the sky of inspired ecstasy–even if it is 30 years down the road–they’ll immediately re-activate the state of consciousness suffused with bliss, inspiration, freedom and empowerment. The fundamental changes established in your consciousness during this event, will never allow you to go without supreme joy for too long for the remainder of your physical life. You will always be tuned in, turned on and connected to a very high degree.” - Bentinho

March 2016 Maui, Hawaii

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Maui Bliss Retreat - 2016

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