MT. Madonna Retreat 2015

MT. Madonna Retreat 2015

This is the MT. Madonna Retreat - - Amassing Free Will through Perfecting Balance, Oct 9 - 15 2015. Available for purchase by non-members. This event includes audio downloads and streaming access to all videos.

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**Mount Madonna Retreat Theme**
This retreat will be in some ways more advanced and more geared toward those already familiar with my teachings. Some of you might find inspiration from simply reading this description. We will attempt to record the whole 8 day retreat and make it available to Academy members when the time is there:
"Amassing Free Will through Perfecting Balance"
How to achieve higher levels of Free Will by balancing Love and Wisdom through service-to-others oriented opportunities, while attracting the life of your dreams and living in Self Love.
In this deeply devotional and more advanced retreat Bentinho will be present, share and instruct into the nature of achieving higher and higher levels of spiritual balance and therefore support the participants in achieving heightened states of clarity, remembrance of who one is, how things truly work, and what one wants to be devoted to, as well as help the adepts in the amassing of Free Will, or pure spiritual power/energy and the ability to direct reality, and instruct how one can channel and contain such transcendent clarity and power with purity, fearlessness, grace and alignment to one’s true, higher purpose.
Bentinho says that: “Each time one achieves a higher level of Free Will, one will reach a new plateau of expansion that comes with its own set of perks as well as challenges to help you evolve even higher and be of service in even more ways to the Self-Realization of The One through Creation’s Play.”
He will share from his personal experience how to best navigate those challenges, utilize those perks, and embrace them as stepping stones to reaching ever higher levels of purity, devotion, love, wisdom and therefore the amassing of Free Will, or: purity, spiritual power, comprehension, expansion, the ability to make changes and (cosmic) freedom of choice.
Bentinho will take us on this ever-unfolding journey through our shared Inner Universe, by diving deeply into topics and questions such as:
• The nature of Free Will and how to regain and use its liberating power.
• How to balance Love and Wisdom into perfect service and thus accelerate the Evolution of The One’s Self-Realization.
• What is the true meaning of service-to-others and service-to-self, why is this polarity so fundamental to creation, and what does it mean for your path?
• Understanding how polarization toward service-to-others (purity and the balancing of love and wisdom) amasses Free Will and increases one’s ability and freedom to navigate the Cosmos.
• How to maintain—and increase—your purity and balance in the face of seeming opposition, challenge and misunderstanding.
• What does true Self Love feel and look like?
• The power, balance and love that is achieved with devotion, trust and surrender to the highest.
• What are the Seven Densities of Cosmic Evolution and how are they relevant to our Spiritual Expansion today? What is life and spirituality in each of them like?
• How this physical life is an illusion, a dream, and how you can realize that you are the dreamer of it.
• How can we abundantly, lovingly, joyfully and fearlessly create the life of our dreams and how does that relate to being of Service-to-Others?
• Balancing the use of the Law of Attraction with Surrender to The Infinite One.
• How personal, “outward” happiness or ecstasy goes hand in hand with cosmic, “inner” absorption with something Higher and devotion to something beyond the individual self.
• How to become a shepherd of people, a guide, a care-taker, transcending your personal problems and devoting your consciousness to something beyond just your personal self.
• How that (being a shepherd of people) can lead into becoming the vortex-center of the beginning stages of 4th Density Group Consciousness on Earth.

These understandings and more that will come up spontaneously through interaction with the audience during this 8-Day Retreat will be facilitated through instructional seminars, Q&A sessions, group workshops, silence and vibrational transmission, guided meditations, and joy, laughter and games.

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MT. Madonna Retreat 2015

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