The Eye of the Vortex Sedona Retreat

The Eye of the Vortex Sedona Retreat

This is the Eye of the Vortex Retreat in Sedona AZ (Oct. 23rd - 27th 2017). Available for purchase by non-members. This event includes audio downloads and streaming access to all videos.

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Retreat Description:

Transcend Circumstances through Intoxication with the Infinite Intelligence of Bliss

Last year, my Sedona Retreat was titled Eye of the Hurricane. That retreat addressed the circumstantial changes that await us in these times of rapid change and transparency/disclosure, and explained how to vibrationally prepare for them. This retreat will dive more profoundly into the transcendence of circumstances altogether.

This unofficial sequel does not require you to have attended or watched The Eye of the Hurricane, The Eye of the Vortex retreat has a similar aim—to realize one’s unshakability in the middle of rapid personal change and collective change—however, the delivery will be more focused on deepening one’s rest in the true unshakability of what is always already here.

The profound bliss of Self/God/I-I becomes evermore pristine upon resting in it, until one begins the journey of dissolving into it and making undiluted happiness a permanent state of being. This is the transcendence of all circumstance.

“Those who know the world, don’t know the Self. Those who know the Self, don’t know the world.” - Bentinho Massaro

This retreat will also have a strong community aspect to it, meaning we’ll be doing certain exercises and assignments that will enable you to connect more intimately with our growing international community, as well as with the local Sedona community.

The team, the Sedona Vortex locals and myself all hope to see you there! May you become intoxicated with your innermost radiance and become infinitely more intelligent in all ways.

Love and Light,

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The Eye of the Vortex Sedona Retreat

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