The Lion's Gate Luxury Retreat 2017

The Lion's Gate Luxury Retreat 2017

This is the Lion's Gate Retreat in Sedona AZ (Aug. 6th - 9th 2017). Available for purchase by non-members. This event includes audio downloads and streaming access to all videos.

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Retreat Description:


A powerful, intimate, 4-day luxury retreat on the Lion's Gate--the Egyptian New Year--and the Harmonic Convergence, guided by Jocelyn Daher and Bentinho Massaro. (Update: for those interested in getting a glimpse into Jocelyn and Bentinho's connection, read Bentinho's latest blog article)

Key Topics:

The significance of August 7-8 (Lunar Eclipse, Lion's Gate and Harmonic Convergence).

How to attain, balance and empower Shepherding Consciousness within yourself.

Receiving an Initiation/Upgrade to your energy field that will accelerate your ability to become a pure vessel of God; a Shepherding Consciousness.

Aiding the Collective in shifting to the optimal parallel reality.

Potential Sub-Topics (if time allows):

The Healing power of the Evolved Masculine and Feminine

New Paradigm Relationships

Fourth Density Integrity: How to always stay true to your Soul without sacrificing your integrity

The Means:

Guided Meditations
Integration Practices
Ceremony by Jocelyn Daher
Light Body Activation Exercise
Initiation into Shepherding Consciousness by Bentinho
Intimate Q&A Sessions with Jocelyn and Bentinho, full transparency

Join Bentinho Massaro and Jocelyn Daher for an all-inclusive, intimate, luxury retreat focused on laying out a groundbreaking path to Self-Actualization. One of the highest culminations of Self Actualization is what Bentinho terms "Shepherding Consciousness," where the expression of one’s empowered state is balanced with enlightenment—knowing oneself to be beyond the individual so that the individual expression can now be used as a pure mirror for mankind, a gateway into the Infinite, and a channel of God's Love/Light.

This 4-day immersive experience will align you with your authentic power center. It is dedicated to light workers around the world who are inspired to ground their service to humanity through Self Liberation. During our time together, we will send out a collective energetic wave through the vortex of Sedona that will usher in new levels to be of service on planet Earth.

This year opens the door to a powerful portal with the potential to greatly amplify this vision. The Lion’s Gate Global Meditation will harness the potency of the Egyptian New Year, the full moon eclipse in Aquarius, and the 30-year anniversary of the Harmonic Convergence to initiate a global movement invigorated by personal empowerment.

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The Lion's Gate Luxury Retreat 2017

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