Amsterdam Retreat 2016

Amsterdam Retreat 2016

Inevitable Success & Rapid Acceleration

Many of you will catch yourselves this next year spontaneously sighing and completely relaxing, as if having achieved victory after a 10-year long battle, and saying: “Finally, what I have desired for so long is now truly here.”

It’s like we are entering into the slipstream of our desired realities, both as individuals and as a collective human race. The seeds we have been planting–in the past 5 years especially–are now coming to fruition so much faster, and with seemingly so much more support and ease from the universe than we’ve been used to so far.

This is a time of acceleration and inevitable success. “Success” meaning the coming to fruition of the joyful, ambitious and optimistic seeds you have been planting against all odds. The skeptical part of your brain will be challenged; it will be hard to believe at times that things continue to go so well for you in all ways and always, and so rapidly too. You may not yet be accustomed to navigating so quickly and effortlessly; it may take some getting used to in order to fully receive the abundance that is now being unleashed upon all who are on a conscious journey.

Jan 2-3 2016. Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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Amsterdam Retreat 2016