Amsterdam Weekend Event with Bentinho - Febr 2020

Amsterdam Weekend Event with Bentinho - Febr 2020

“The Instantaneous Resolution into Freedom from Any and All Emotions.”

“Through a subtle shift in understanding, one can gain instant and complete liberation from all thoughts, emotions and disturbances, without pushing any of them away, without suppressing or avoiding, and without replacing them with other emotions, and yet without needing to do any work with the emotional energies either.

This path transcends, yet includes, the paths and benefits of shadow work as well as the benefits of transcendental-type meditations and approaches. It instantly leaps beyond any approach, and its results are instantaneous.

Practice is needed to perfect this spontaneous liberation, but the results upon being initiated into this direct realization are nevertheless instantaneous and spontaneous. Like the inevitable nature of infinite space pervaded by the brilliant and soothing light of the sun. Enlightenment in the palm of your hand. Oh wait, there is no hand, there is only Enlightenment.

This is not a promise, it is an inevitability that is simply already accomplished. My pointing at it will awaken this recognition of the already liberated perfection in you. It is more direct than the path of awareness aware of itself, yet it includes that result as well, naturally.”
~ Bentinho

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Amsterdam Weekend Event with Bentinho - Febr 2020