Bentinho Massaro’s Global Enlightenment Retreat

Bentinho Massaro’s Global Enlightenment Retreat

A Free Online Course in the Art of Self-Realization.

“Let us turn this unintentional global quarantine into an intentional Global Enlightenment Retreat. While the world reassembles itself, let us anchor ourselves in the state of being from which we wish to generate a new Earth. Let us unplug from the Matrix and enlighten ourselves from within. Wherever we go internally, the world will follow externally without fail, for this is Universal Law.”

- Bentinho Massaro

Billions of people world-wide are currently forced to retreat en masse. We are all asked to let go of our attachments to non-essential and external attributes. We are invited into the courage to let all these falsities be stripped from our essence.

While many believe it is time for action, increased control and procedure, I believe it is time to radically let go of all fear-based control and turn within. Skillful, wisdom-infused actions will follow only from a more enlightened state of being. We cannot create a new future built on crumbling structures created from an outdated collective consciousness.

We have to be deeply reborn from within, if we wish to see a beautiful planet and harmonious civilization for ourselves and future generations. There is no more appropriate time for this than right now.

We can use this time as a perfect opportunity to turn to what’s most essential and realize the naked, radiant, and ever-reliable truth and power of our deepest Self. Whatever state of consciousness we find ourselves in, everything we touch or generate while in that state will carry that flavor or vibrational quality.

In other words, this global quarantine is the perfect time for all seekers of truth, wisdom and inner fulfillment to come together and practice self-realization, or: The Art and Science of Experiential Enlightenment. 

I feel the call in the hearts of billions right now echoing loudly within the resonating chambers of my own, non-localized Heart. And I feel thus called to provide what I can: the ancient wisdom and timeless teachings of the art of Self-Realization, and offer this freely in a way that people can understand and experience for themselves—with no barrier to entrance.

As such, this online retreat (spread out over at least 4 weeks) will be entirely donation-based so all can participate in full regardless of their ability to contribute financially.

So please join me and thousands of others for a twice-per-week live-streamed session on the topic of developing the recognition of our truest self amidst the chaos of the collapsing concepts of our collective mind and the world which it has generated.

Let us now develop the habit of remembering our true nature vividly and frequently, together, and raise our frequency from within, by establishing ourselves in the deepest, most unified and harmonious state available to us at all times. All it takes is a simple shift in attention. Everyone can do it.

The result of exposing oneself to such inner knowledge and applying it frequently, especially when done in a large group of entities who are physically spread out over mother Earth’s electro-magnetic web of subtle energy fields, will result at the very least in a whole new level of inner relief, if not a full liberation of all suffering. At first individually, and then collectively.

While I have a deep passion for the most advanced of teachings, I will keep at least half of the content in these sessions basic and relatable enough so that all can easily follow the instructions, regardless of their level of prior adeptness with this type of material. As always, there will be some more advanced hints and nuggets in there as well, but overall this will be a very accessible online retreat that should intimidate no one and can get just about anyone going on their direct journey into the One Infinite Creator which is our true foundation, or Self.

With all my heart, I welcome everyone who feels so inspired to this community-called-for, online experience of the true heart of life. May we return our attention to the essential, and fear not the letting go of that which was never truly real, constructive or reliable in the first place.

Much love, Bentinho

PS — Consider sharing this initiative with your communities. The more people who join, the more powerful its effects on our manifest world.

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100% of donations go toward the support of Bentinho’s team, the organization’s expenses to continue to deliver these teachings to the public, and to exciting future projects which we are currently developing. The only intention behind our operations is to benefit the entire planet’s shift in consciousness; so all may live in a happy, healthy, awakened and honest world.

Bentinho Massaro’s Global Enlightenment Retreat