Merging with God

Merging with God

The Infinite Mystery of existence has to be experienced directly, not by intellectualizing and coming up with conclusions based on your previous experience. Merging with that which creates and animates the existence without effort is the unquenchable desire of your essence. The path towards God is hidden in mystery. Yet, it is the only path there is. As Bentinho says, Surrender and Will merge into a single point which might be described as Merging with God. Again and again, remind yourself that the mystery of one’s nature has no end, and that is perhaps the highest teaching that can serve a sincere seeker as a North Star that never fades.

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Merging with God
  • Become Ready for Direct Contact with God

    In this video, Bentinho Massaro delves into the essence of nothingness and explains how our craving for meaning is born out of a fear of insignificance, raising the question of whether we can truly endure nothingness.

    Embracing this emptiness is described as a pathway to purity and preparedness ...

  • Enjoy Your Self Meditation

    In this "Enjoy Your Self" meditation, Bentinho Massaro emphasizes the importance of letting go of troubling thoughts and connecting with a higher power, in order to find peace and liberation. Highlighting the significance of being grateful for existence and continuously letting go of false belief...

  • Spend more Time in Imagination and Watch Your Life Accelerate

    In this segment from a No Limits Society session, a member is experiencing lack beliefs and physical contractions around money. She asked Bentinho how to best approach this.

    According to Bentinho, our excessive focus on “things” causes us to internalize the sense that there is actually an extern...

  • Why You Don't Have to Meditate to Find God

    A No Limits Society member asks Bentinho to clarify how being on the vertical spiritual path relates to Self-realization.

    Bentinho points at deconstructing and letting go of our sense of space, time and location as that has nothing to do with God. It’s all part of the illusion and is made up in ...

  • Give Yourself to God Meditation

    Let go of your lack beliefs that reside in the Causal Body, and rest into the awareness that you are God.

    This meditation took place at the end of a No Limits Society session that Bentinho taught on the 4 Bodies. In order to best integrate the teachings, we recommended first watching that sessio...

  • Your True Desire is God's Desire

    If you dared to dream with no limitations, if you dared to dream as God dreams, what would you desire? Every moment you are creating your entire reality. By having an objective or intention, you become a deliberate creator. So dig deep and be bold.

    Desire, when tuned into with no restrictions or...

  • Consider This: Everything is God

  • Trust Your Innocence: How to Surrender as The Divine Feminine

    During a recent No Limits Society (NLS) Zoom call, a female NLS member asks Bentinho: “How can I surrender to God?”

    In the privacy of your own internal metaphysical reality, you can fully and safely surrender to your sense or symbol of God. At its highest state, the True Feminine is like a rece...

  • Experience Oneness: A 10-Minute Guided Meditation with Bentinho Massaro

    In this simple but effective 10-minute meditation, Bentinho guides us to directly experience everything as Oneness.

    "If you practice this daily for a little while, you will develop a tangible spiritual sensation of Indivisibility, of Oneness, of Unity. It will give you a sense of freedom and a k...

  • Experience Yourself as Multidimensional and Timeless

    What if we didn't experience time as a limitation? What if we could access our desired state simultaneously alongside our current physical reality? This is what gives us access to parallel realities.
    During a recent live session with No Limits Society, the questioner expressed frustration with a ...

  • Quantum Acceptance Meditation

    This meditation took place during the Yucatán Retreat in 2021. Bentinho offers that it is most effective to practice the recognition that everything is already accepted the way that it is, with or without your approval or preferences. There is nothing that is known outside of your Beingness or I ...