New Year’s Exclusive Family-Style Retreat 2020 (audio)

New Year’s Exclusive Family-Style Retreat 2020 (audio)

After a grand and elegant Conscious Class New Year’s Eve party in The Netherlands, Bentinho hosted a small private retreat in which he inspired participants to align themselves to their highest aspirations and the best version of themselves as a way to start 2020 and the new decade with power and intention.

Anurag Gupta, a close friend and colleague of Bentinho’s, joined in some of the sessions with his practical, no-nonsense style of teaching. The result of these two together was a retreat full of laughter and lightheartedness, yet under the surface was a powerful energy transmission and directive encouraging participants to “drain the swamp” and transform the parts of the personality (or “not-self”) that are not in alignment with one’s highest potential. In one particularly powerful session, Bentinho talks about what it’s like to be a “mirror being.” The transmission in this session is extraordinary, and gives a glimpse into Bentinho’s own spiritual journey.

Annie Hart, Bentinho’s long-time friend and also a Team member, offered powerful guided meditation sessions, as well as instructional Q&A with participants each morning.

The retreat was audio-recorded and includes:
9 sessions with Bentinho (some including Anurag Gupta) - talks, guided meditations and Q&A sessions
5 sessions with Annie Hart - guided meditations and Q&A

This event is audio-only, but you can stream it as video with a background image. To download the audio files, simply click on the last thumbnail and the audio download will start immediately. Once downloaded, double-click the audio zip file to unpack it.

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New Year’s Exclusive Family-Style Retreat 2020 (audio)