The Shift into Permanent Alignment

The Shift into Permanent Alignment

The Shift into Permanent Alignment is an 8-day retreat that will cause you to shift permanently into alignment and discover your calling.

This retreat happened live in Costa Rica from March 13 - 20, 2021. The recordings from this powerful, transformational retreat are now available for you here on BentinhoMassaro.TV, so that you too, can experience a shift in permanent alignment!

The purchase of this retreat also includes access to our private online Costa Rica Retreat forum, where you can discuss sessions with others, share your insights and your transformations, and support each other in making The Shift. We encourage you to participate in this forum! To be part of the Costa Rica Retreat forum group, simply join the forum here: We will add you to the Costa Rica group shortly.

Take this opportunity to participate in a full-fledged 8-day retreat with the most advanced and crystalized teachings Bentinho has ever offered after an over-2-year-sabbatical. Plug into our mission to Ignite Global Awakening by making The Shift into Permanent Alignment.


Bentinho’s intention for this retreat:

Each of us has a true desire in place. A calling. A unique essence and reason for being. It’s the blueprint of our incarnation. Not only do we already have such a calling or essence, we also have a deep desire to fully know, feel and express this inner calling.

I see many of you who are ready to drop the false activities and patterns in your life and who want nothing more but to commit to your true self’s life, but for some reason you keep postponing this point of no return. This retreat, in addition to offering crystal clear Self Realization and Actualization teachings, will invite you into a complete devotion to the true life that has been calling you for a long time already…

My intention is for this retreat to fulfill your intention to finally completely dedicate yourself to this inner calling. This requires that you show up. This requires that you commit.

To honor your commitment, I will do my very best to create the environment for you to make this turning point in your life, where you permanently allow your alignment to take precedence over all else.

Much love,

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The Shift into Permanent Alignment