Service to Others

Service to Others

The topic of Service To Others (STO) is a multilayered one with countless nuances. Yet, there’s nothing simpler than honestly looking, through the lens of your beautiful heart, and realizing that your highest desire is to be of service to that which created “you” in the first place. STO is a journey of accelerated spiritual maturity and can serve as a powerful shortcut to the purification of the sincere seeker.

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Service to Others
  • You are Shambhala

    Since recently a new version of an ancient assignment has streamed into the ethers for those who have the eyes to see and the hearts to listen.

    “They shall be drawn together from all over as if by magnetic filaments tugging repeatedly at their hearts. They will be inspired away from their famili...

  • The Willingness to Embrace Suffering

    Most of our suffering is really the result of our unwillingness to suffer. Rather than demonize suffering, understand its place as inspiration for the soul to be of service. We are often in resistance to suffering, battling ourselves because we don't like discomfort, pain, fear and uncertainty. I...