The Evolution of Religion - Amsterdam 2018

The Evolution of Religion - Amsterdam 2018

“The times, they are ‘a changin” as Bob Dylan famously wrote. And fast, too. Faster and faster, it seems. This has already begun to affect our politics, our science, our economics and our social relationships, but religion has stood fairly strong until recently…

Bentinho’s description of the event:

“From spiritual slavery to direct contact. Religion is already losing its appeal on the mass mind in a permanent kind of way. People are disillusioned with the faulty systems currently in place, especially in the West, and as time goes on, will be grasping for new ways, new answers and new understandings. Most importantly, I believe people will be ready, more than ever, to reach out to forms of philosophy and religion that offer direct experience, rather than systems that define what is right and what is wrong.

“People will seek in a new way, demanding direct contact rather than hearsay and control schemes. They will want religions to make sense on all levels, and they will demand that the representatives of those religions have first-hand experience of divinity—and that they have no ulterior motives.

“The representatives of these new religions must be those who have had sufficient direct contact with the divinity of All within, having been filled with the innate desire to have other-selves also experience the bliss and freedom of what they truly are. Rather than offering obscure philosophies, there will be a significant increase in emphasis on methods and practices that help the seeker gain direct understanding, through application of knowledge, contemplation, healthy devotion and meditation.

“The next generation of religion is all about understandable practice, rather than consuming knowledge and ceremony out of fear of the unknown. The next generation of religion will do away with fear of the unknown, and will openly—and with excitement—seek to illuminate the vast void of what we do not yet know or understand, with the faith that we can experience more and more of our own divinity directly.”

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The Evolution of Religion - Amsterdam 2018