The Netherlands Retreat July 2018

The Netherlands Retreat July 2018

"Infinity in Absolute Abundance: Realize the One Infinite Creator in Everything."

This retreat focuses on different ways to directly realize more of the One Infinite Creator as being who YOU actually are. During this retreat, Bentinho guides participants into an exploration of ‘inner ways’ to withdraw from perception of the world in order to penetrate more deeply into the truth, without as many distractions or temptations. He also discusses several potent ‘outer ways’ to do the same.

Bentinho’s description:

“We will blend our inner realizations into practices to realize Oneness with our dreamscape environment. In doing so, we will know more deeply the bliss and inseparability of the One Infinite Creator as we interact with the Creator’s Dream—the Grand Illusion of Creation.

“Infinite Bliss is everywhere, all the time, as all appearances, while also transcending all appearances. There are no limitations—only those you dream into creation. Learn to dream with the One Infinite Creator in mind, instead of with your personal lack beliefs in mind.

“When you are identified with the One Infinite Creator, everything is possible. There is only One, and this Infinite One is here in Absolute Abundance.

“Imagine a life that has become more than just a life. In fact, to be attached to ‘a life’ is to miss out on Life Itself in all of its Splendor, Infinitude and Abundance!

“Infinity is All That Is, as well as being beyond or unaffected by the happenings inside of All That Is. There is nothing that exists outside of the One Infinite Creator. The One is All and All is The One.

“Since even the Illusion of Creation—though ultimately an unreal projection—IS the One Infinite Creator, we can realize the One Infinite Creator not only ‘within’ but also in ‘everything we do and experience’. This Self Realization retreat is about realizing God both through internal practices as well as practices that seem to involve the projection we call 'the world.'”

Baarlo, The Netherlands - July 9 -15 2018

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The Netherlands Retreat July 2018