Going Beyond

Going Beyond

Is there anything beyond God? Why does one need to even consider that possibility? Well, this question has to be held close to one’s heart in a sacred space of silent attention, with the intensity of focused power of will and the softness of devotion. One of the staple teachings of Bentinho is mapping out the densities of existence. But is there anything beyond existence itself? He calls that which is beyond even God - The Absolute. The Indescribable non-state. The One Infinite Creator itself.

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Going Beyond
  • Quantum Acceptance Meditation

    This meditation took place during the Yucatán Retreat in 2021. Bentinho offers that it is most effective to practice the recognition that everything is already accepted the way that it is, with or without your approval or preferences. There is nothing that is known outside of your Beingness or I ...

  • Should You Desire Bliss?

    Bentinho describes the difference between excitement and/or ecstasy in the moment versus bliss - that deep well of peace which never leaves. Rather than pursuing bliss for the sake of bliss or as a reaction, he explains how the desire for bliss can be an indicator of where you desire Source.

  • Breathe In Absolute Infinity Meditation

    A powerful guided meditation to recognize and rest in the nature of consciousness and beyond by Bentinho Massaro.