Imagineer Your Reality

Imagineer Your Reality

Learn to use the power of your wonderful imagination. You are the Creator of your reality, and your imagination is the way you create worlds. The more consciously you create, the more evidence of your creative power you are able to see. There’s a process of creation that you can learn and apply. The most important step, after imagineering your highest desired reality, is to develop an unshakable Faith in the fact that what you imagine is already created the moment you decided to imagine that. Everything else is a byproduct of your Faith.

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Imagineer Your Reality
  • Your True Desire is God's Desire

    If you dared to dream with no limitations, if you dared to dream as God dreams, what would you desire? Every moment you are creating your entire reality. By having an objective or intention, you become a deliberate creator. So dig deep and be bold.

    Desire, when tuned into with no restrictions or...

  • The Map Of Deliberate Creating

    In this video, Bentinho takes you through a schematic / overview that maps out the different stages of the manifestation process, in order to assist you in experientially tuning into “deliberate creatorship” versus what he calls “victim consuming."

    The entire non-physical universe consists of an...

  • You are Shambhala

    Since recently a new version of an ancient assignment has streamed into the ethers for those who have the eyes to see and the hearts to listen.

    “They shall be drawn together from all over as if by magnetic filaments tugging repeatedly at their hearts. They will be inspired away from their famili...