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The Map Of Deliberate Creating

Imagineer Your Reality • 8m 39s

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  • You are Shambhala

    Since recently a new version of an ancient assignment has streamed into the ethers for those who have the eyes to see and the hearts to listen.

    “They shall be drawn together from all over as if by magnetic filaments tugging repeatedly at their hearts. They will be inspired away from their famili...

  • Playing with the Threshold of Imagina...

    This is the first segment of a recent No Limits Society live weekly session. In it, Bentinho explores how we are always using our imagination to create our reality and "physical" experience, whether consciously or not. Those who are very imaginative tend to move more freely than those who are "re...

  • Remember How You Fulfilled Your Destiny

    In this meditation and imagination exercise, Bentinho suggests to start by tuning in to the timeless place of I-Am, and from there viewing your entire incarnation as a movie. You have a destiny; a sense of potential that you desire to allow to come through into your experience. You can picture 20...