The Absolute

The Absolute

The Absolute
  • Meditations (The Absolute)

    9 videos

    Here you will find a playlist of guided meditations and techniques for your practice on The Absolute.

    On the browse page you will also find meditation and techniques playlists for Self-Realization and Self-Actualization.

  • Separation as a Way into Unity: Purifying Awareness from Its Associations.

    With the soothing sounds of an Andean cloudforest river in the background, this 45-minute video features Bentinho guiding you through a potent practice to help you purify Awareness from its associations. By separating out everything you are not from Pure Awareness, you arrive at the state of Unit...

  • Weekend Event in Amsterdam with Bentinho Jan 2019

    6 videos

    In this event, Bentinho shows you ways to open the gateway to Intelligent Energy (God-Consciousness) and Intelligent Infinity (The Absolute). He also clarifies some of the Law of One cosmology and teachings so you can accelerate your spiritual awakening. This is a deeply transformational weekend!...

  • Infinity Teaching

    13 videos

  • Bentinho's Self-Realization School

    23 videos

    This includes all four seasons (23 sessions) of Bentinho’s Self-Realization School. These sessions took place on a weekly basis in Sedona, Arizona in 2017.

    Bentinho’s intention for the Self-Realization School series was to create a container where Self-Realization, and its consequent Self-Empow...

  • The Sedona 12-Day Retreat 2017

    20 videos

    The Sedona 12-Day Retreat is a 12-day journey into the God state and the Absolute (beyond the God state), offering direct pointers developed by Bentinho during a previous retreat with a small group of fairly advanced adepts. This retreat has many powerful guided meditations, and you are also enco...