Mount Madonna Retreat 2015

Mount Madonna Retreat 2015

“Amassing Free Will through Perfecting Balance”

In this deeply devotional and advanced retreat, Bentinho focuses on how to achieve higher levels of free will by balancing love and wisdom through service-to-others oriented opportunities–while at the same time, attracting the life of your dreams and living with self-love.

Balancing love and wisdom supports the adept in achieving heightened states of clarity, so that it is possible to remember who one is, understand how things truly work, and clarify what one is devoted to. Bentinho gives instructions on how to channel and contain transcendent clarity and power with purity, fearlessness, grace and alignment to one’s higher purpose.

Each time you achieve a higher level of free will, you reach a new plateau of expansion. This comes with its own set of perks and challenges to help you evolve, so you can be of greater service to the realization of The One through Creation’s play. Bentinho shares from his personal experience on how to best utilize these perks and navigate these challenges, which are stepping stones to higher levels of purity, devotion, love and wisdom.

Topics covered in this retreat also include:

- Amassing free will in order to use its liberating power
- Balancing love and wisdom to perfect one’s service and accelerate Self-Realization
- The true meaning of service-to-others and service-to-self, why this polarity is so fundamental to Creation, and what it means for your path
- Understanding the seven Densities of cosmic evolution and how are they relevant to spiritual expansion
- Balancing the use of the Law of Attraction with surrender to the Infinite One

October 2015 Watsonville, California

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Mount Madonna Retreat 2015