No Limits Society Sessions

No Limits Society Sessions

No Limits Society is Bentinho’s exclusive, online mentorship for committed seekers on a mission to ignite global awakening. Here you will find his most refined Enlightenment & Empowerment teachings to date. You can read more and sign up here:

No Limits Society Sessions
  • Quantum Acceptance Meditation

    This meditation took place during the Yucatán Retreat in 2021. Bentinho offers that it is most effective to practice the recognition that everything is already accepted the way that it is, with or without your approval or preferences. There is nothing that is known outside of your Beingness or I ...

  • Should You Desire Bliss?

    Bentinho describes the difference between excitement and/or ecstasy in the moment versus bliss - that deep well of peace which never leaves. Rather than pursuing bliss for the sake of bliss or as a reaction, he explains how the desire for bliss can be an indicator of where you desire Source.

  • Breathe In Absolute Infinity Meditation

    A powerful guided meditation to recognize and rest in the nature of consciousness and beyond by Bentinho Massaro.

  • The Direct Path to Dissolving Assumptions

    Bentinho presents the most direct way to deconstruct concepts - go to the place of your direct experience prior to assuming the thing you are investigating, such as "time." You can then bring this same consciousness to any topic and obtain freedom from what used to occupy your consciousness.

  • Softening Grief with Universal Love

    In this clip from a recent No Limits Society session, Bentinho addresses a participant’s state of grief over the death of her dog. Grief is the perception or belief that something is lost. However, when in a state of grief, we are adding to the soul's learning and expansion, which is actually our...

  • Give Yourself to God Meditation

    Let go of your lack beliefs that reside in the Causal Body, and rest into the awareness that you are God.

    This meditation took place at the end of a No Limits Society session that Bentinho taught on the 4 Bodies. In order to best integrate the teachings, we recommended first watching that sessio...

  • Discover the Root of Your Negative Beliefs

    Since recently a new version of an ancient assignment has streamed into the ethers for those who have the eyes to see and the hearts to listen.

    “They shall be drawn together from all over as if by magnetic filaments tugging repeatedly at their hearts. They will be inspired away from their famili...

  • You are Shambhala

    Since recently a new version of an ancient assignment has streamed into the ethers for those who have the eyes to see and the hearts to listen.

    “They shall be drawn together from all over as if by magnetic filaments tugging repeatedly at their hearts. They will be inspired away from their famili...

  • Focus on Your Chosen Fequency

    When we learn to tune ourselves to the love that is already contained in each moment, we gift that universal love to humanity. There is a certain discipline required in making this love available because we can only gift what we are currently resonating as.

    We are always gifting something. If yo...

  • The Map Of Deliberate Creating

    In this video, Bentinho takes you through a schematic / overview that maps out the different stages of the manifestation process, in order to assist you in experientially tuning into “deliberate creatorship” versus what he calls “victim consuming."

    The entire non-physical universe consists of an...

  • The Power of Desire

    In this full recording of a recent NLS Training Session, Bentinho talks about the power and true meaning of desire. True desire is bliss and expansion. It is you “doing your job” as an extension and expression of the One Infinite Creator.

    Although certain spiritual teachings proclaim that “desir...

  • Your True Desire is God's Desire

    If you dared to dream with no limitations, if you dared to dream as God dreams, what would you desire? Every moment you are creating your entire reality. By having an objective or intention, you become a deliberate creator. So dig deep and be bold.

    Desire, when tuned into with no restrictions or...

  • Unrestricted Desire is Bliss

    You are as expansive as God is.

    When you have a desire, the expansion is immediately given and the desire is created. However, when you focus on the facts of "what is," you restrict your desires and resist what you are built to become. Instead, stay true to what you've already launched into this...

  • Your Beliefs Determine Your Reality

    In this clip from the NLS Wednesday sessions, Bentinho responds to a questioner's doubts around living true to her highest vision. He explains how "a lack of faith, leads to a lack of vision" and a belief that there's no other way to get the results you desire.

    When you up your alignment to your...

  • Reconsider What Reality Is

    In this video, Bentinho explains the process of Self Realization. By going back and retracing your steps of delusion through investigation, discernment and inquiry, you can see through your self-identification with form. You realize that you are not your changing states. You realize that even whe...

  • The Willingness to Embrace Suffering

    Most of our suffering is really the result of our unwillingness to suffer. Rather than demonize suffering, understand its place as inspiration for the soul to be of service. We are often in resistance to suffering, battling ourselves because we don't like discomfort, pain, fear and uncertainty. I...

  • Powerful Concentration Technique

    In this video, Bentinho teaches us how to concentrate on being concentrated. When you can concentrate on the sense/awareness of yourself being in a state of powerful concentration, it opens a transcendental gateway into meditation and realization.

    Simply witness your mind being in a state of con...

  • Focus Your Mind Like Your Life Depends On It

    In this clip from the Meditation Mastery retreat, Bentinho reveals the single most important step towards harnessing your focus for meditation. Say goodbye to sloppy thoughts, turn away from panic and instantly focus your mind.

  • Going Beyond

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    Is there anything beyond God? Why does one need to even consider that possibility? Well, this question has to be held close to one’s heart in a sacred space of silent attention, with the intensity of focused power of will and the softness of devotion. One of the staple teachings of Bentinho is ma...

  • The Power of Desire

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    Learn about the unstoppable power of desire in a way that doesn’t frame it as a negative trait of the human mind. Instead, realize that all desires are God’s desires and shift your attitude towards serving as a pure conduit for the Creator’s power to flow through you. Enjoy the ride of your excit...

  • Imagineer Your Reality

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    Learn to use the power of your wonderful imagination. You are the Creator of your reality, and your imagination is the way you create worlds. The more consciously you create, the more evidence of your creative power you are able to see. There’s a process of creation that you can learn and apply. ...

  • Merging with God

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    The Infinite Mystery of existence has to be experienced directly, not by intellectualizing and coming up with conclusions based on your previous experience. Merging with that which creates and animates the existence without effort is the unquenchable desire of your essence. The path towards God i...

  • Harnessing Your Will

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    Understanding unstoppable, unbounded, eternal, and infinite Free Will that you are might be your first step to experientially discover the nature of your true Self. In fact, you’re using your Free Will every millisecond of your existence as a human being. Learn to gather your will with powerful p...

  • Deconstructing Beliefs

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    Dive into the most effective ways to excavate and transmute that which governs your life from behind the scenes - beliefs. There’s nothing else in the way of the infinite flow of power and joy except that which you, at some point, assumed about the nature of every single experience in your life. ...