The Power of Desire

The Power of Desire

Learn about the unstoppable power of desire in a way that doesn’t frame it as a negative trait of the human mind. Instead, realize that all desires are God’s desires and shift your attitude towards serving as a pure conduit for the Creator’s power to flow through you. Enjoy the ride of your excitement yet remember that it’s the highest service you can offer - fearlessly discovering and actualizing your deepest desires.

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The Power of Desire
  • The Key to Effortless Manifestation

    In this video, a No Limits Society member asks Bentinho if we need to remind Source of what we desire in order for the desire to manifest.

    Bentinho notes that desires are already established on a non-physical level, and to manifest them one must be in tune with them through a relaxed and gratefu...

  • Focus Your Mind Like Your Life Depends On It

    In this clip from the Meditation Mastery retreat, Bentinho reveals the single most important step towards harnessing your focus for meditation. Say goodbye to sloppy thoughts, turn away from panic and instantly focus your mind.

  • Powerful Concentration Technique

    In this video, Bentinho teaches us how to concentrate on being concentrated. When you can concentrate on the sense/awareness of yourself being in a state of powerful concentration, it opens a transcendental gateway into meditation and realization.

    Simply witness your mind being in a state of con...

  • Unrestricted Desire is Bliss

    You are as expansive as God is.

    When you have a desire, the expansion is immediately given and the desire is created. However, when you focus on the facts of "what is," you restrict your desires and resist what you are built to become. Instead, stay true to what you've already launched into this...

  • Your True Desire is God's Desire

    If you dared to dream with no limitations, if you dared to dream as God dreams, what would you desire? Every moment you are creating your entire reality. By having an objective or intention, you become a deliberate creator. So dig deep and be bold.

    Desire, when tuned into with no restrictions or...

  • The Power of Desire

    In this full recording of a recent NLS Training Session, Bentinho talks about the power and true meaning of desire. True desire is bliss and expansion. It is you “doing your job” as an extension and expression of the One Infinite Creator.

    Although certain spiritual teachings proclaim that “desir...

  • Should You Desire Bliss?

    Bentinho describes the difference between excitement and/or ecstasy in the moment versus bliss - that deep well of peace which never leaves. Rather than pursuing bliss for the sake of bliss or as a reaction, he explains how the desire for bliss can be an indicator of where you desire Source.

  • How to Co-Create with Your Higher Self

    How much of our life is a game that we are actively playing and creating in the moment, and how much of our life is predetermined by our Higher Self? This question was asked by a No Limits Society Member during a live session, where members regularly get the opportunity to have their questions an...

  • Remember How You Fulfilled Your Destiny

    In this meditation and imagination exercise, Bentinho suggests to start by tuning in to the timeless place of I-Am, and from there viewing your entire incarnation as a movie. You have a destiny; a sense of potential that you desire to allow to come through into your experience. You can picture 20...

  • Self-Discipline: Try This Playful Approach

    A woman in Bentinho’ No Limits Society program talks about how she has a history of being overly self-disciplined and hard on herself, and that this no longer resonates for her. She asks Bentinho for guidance on how to develop a more aligned sense of self-discipline—when it’s appropriate to push ...

  • Manifesting Your Desired Reality: The Only Video You Need To See

    In this Q&A segment from a recent No Limits Society live session, Bentinho breaks down the mechanics of deliberate Creation.

    In only 15 mins, you will learn the main principles of how to manifest your desired reality. This video could save you years of trial and error with the law of attraction....

  • Free Yourself From The Illusion Of Time

    DISCLAIMER: To honor the privacy of the No Limits Society member featured, this video only contains the questioner’s audio.
    During a live Q&A, a No Limits Society member shares with Bentinho that she doesn’t feel she has enough time in life to create and enjoy all the things she wants. This perce...

  • Align to Your Higher Purpose and Live in True Confidence

    This clip discusses how to stay confident in the face of fear and uncertainty. During a recent No Limits Society session, a member shares her desire to increase self-trust and confidence, and to focus on executing the mission, free of distractions. Bentinho replies that, although fear may seem li...