Harnessing Your Will

Harnessing Your Will

Understanding unstoppable, unbounded, eternal, and infinite Free Will that you are might be your first step to experientially discover the nature of your true Self. In fact, you’re using your Free Will every millisecond of your existence as a human being. Learn to gather your will with powerful practices and teachings from Bentinho’s direct experience.

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Harnessing Your Will
  • What to Fall Back on When Sh*t Hits the Fan – Part 1: Harness Your Focus

    This video is Part 1 of a two-part series in which Bentinho explains two approaches to spirituality: surrender and focus. (Part 2 will be released soon.)

    In this video, Bentinho emphasizes the focus aspect. This approach is introduced as a core attitude that can help you to harness your willpowe...

  • The Ability To Shift Your State At Will

    In this video, Bentinho Massaro explores formless awareness, free will and our ability to shift our state at will. He explains that while we may identify heavily with our bodies, personalities and beliefs, there is an essence of awareness that remains constant and formless. This awareness has the...

  • Honorable Communication

    This video segment from The Honor Retreat discusses the importance of honorable communication. Bentinho Massaro and Anurag Gupta encourage listeners to practice being present, honoring themselves and others through the way they communicate. They emphasize that changing the way you communicate is ...

  • Choose Honor over Feelings

    This video is an excerpt of a longer Q&A, where Bentinho Massaro answers a question from a No Limits Society member. In this clip, Bentinho speaks about the importance of choosing honor over feelings when making decisions. He suggests that when you experience turbulent, murky emotions, you can ch...

  • How To Find Stability in Your True Self

    In this video, Bentinho Massaro answers a follow up question from a No Limits Society member on the topic of unsafety.
    You can find the first Q&A video here: https://youtu.be/EDfsh3wqsZc

    He speaks about the freedom of finding true conviction and realization by not defining oneself based on exper...

  • Fearlessness, the State of Your True Self

    In this video, a member from No Limits Society asks Bentinho a question around the topic of unsafety. Bentinho discusses the concept of unsafety, how it relates to the ego or “gremlin” and how the idea of unsafety exists only inside of its own frequency domain.

    He explains how our need for safe...

  • Focus Your Mind Like Your Life Depends On It

    In this clip from the Meditation Mastery retreat, Bentinho reveals the single most important step towards harnessing your focus for meditation. Say goodbye to sloppy thoughts, turn away from panic and instantly focus your mind.

  • Powerful Concentration Technique

    In this video, Bentinho teaches us how to concentrate on being concentrated. When you can concentrate on the sense/awareness of yourself being in a state of powerful concentration, it opens a transcendental gateway into meditation and realization.

    Simply witness your mind being in a state of con...

  • Focus on Your Chosen Fequency

    When we learn to tune ourselves to the love that is already contained in each moment, we gift that universal love to humanity. There is a certain discipline required in making this love available because we can only gift what we are currently resonating as.

    We are always gifting something. If yo...

  • You are Shambhala

    Since recently a new version of an ancient assignment has streamed into the ethers for those who have the eyes to see and the hearts to listen.

    “They shall be drawn together from all over as if by magnetic filaments tugging repeatedly at their hearts. They will be inspired away from their famili...

  • Discover the Root of Your Negative Beliefs

    Since recently a new version of an ancient assignment has streamed into the ethers for those who have the eyes to see and the hearts to listen.

    “They shall be drawn together from all over as if by magnetic filaments tugging repeatedly at their hearts. They will be inspired away from their famili...

  • The Direct Path to Dissolving Assumptions

    Bentinho presents the most direct way to deconstruct concepts - go to the place of your direct experience prior to assuming the thing you are investigating, such as "time." You can then bring this same consciousness to any topic and obtain freedom from what used to occupy your consciousness.

  • The Power of Desire

    In this full recording of a recent NLS Training Session, Bentinho talks about the power and true meaning of desire. True desire is bliss and expansion. It is you “doing your job” as an extension and expression of the One Infinite Creator.

    Although certain spiritual teachings proclaim that “desir...

  • Breathe In Absolute Infinity Meditation

    A powerful guided meditation to recognize and rest in the nature of consciousness and beyond by Bentinho Massaro.

  • Why Courage is Needed to Change the World

    As part of his ongoing No Limits Society (NLS) program, Bentinho hosts a weekly online training session for NLS members. In this full session recording, Bentinho speaks to what it takes to change our collective reality — to create a world based in love, harmony and unity, and how this shift great...

  • Free Yourself From Any Pattern

    A woman in Bentinho’s No Limits Society (NLS) program asks a question during a weekly NLS session. She is upset that she is going through a difficult emotional process while she is on holiday. Bentinho advises her to not be so hard on herself, and shows her how to not be so affected by her emotio...

  • Keeping Your Eye On The Ball: A Team Dynamics Session with Bentinho Massaro

    Bentinho recently called the team together to solidify their unity and to inspire them to stay aware and available.

    Using the analogy of a team-based sport, he reminded them that each player on the team has a position on the field, and each position on the field is a position of leadership. A s...

  • 2-Minute Guided Meditation: Instantly Raise Your Vibration

    Do this 2-minute guided meditation with Bentinho and watch what happens to your frequency when you draw your attention away from the "real world", withdraw from the senses, and turn back to Beingness.

    This is a segment from a No Limits Society Session. Members of NLS have access to these full te...