• Sedona Endless Bliss Retreat 2017

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    This 5-day retreat was held in Sedona, Arizona, shortly after Bentinho moved there in 2017.

    Topics covered include:

    How to Realize Endless Bliss? Is it possible? Can anyone realize this?

    Is it worth the effort/practice/commitment? What do I have to know to achieve this?

    Do I truly want to re...

  • Maui Bliss Retreat - 2016

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    Bentinho + Hawaii—need we say more?

    Bliss is what you will learn to see, feel and become during this retreat. Bentinho becomes the embodiment of the frequency of divine bliss, and most of his teachings during this event are aimed at getting you beyond your mind’s limited constructs and into an u...

  • Blending The Physical With The Non-Physical 2014

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    In this retreat, Bentinho guides participants through an exploration of different ways to feel one’s way into the non-physical realm of intuitive consciousness, as well as how to access this realm during everyday activities.

    By increasing your frequency through means such as tuning into the non...

  • Bentinho Academy Q&A's

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    These four videos are online seminars Bentinho gave to members of Trinfinity Academy in January and February of 2016. Sessions revolve around questions asked by participants and answers given by Bentinho.

    January-February 2016, various locations

    To download the audio files, simply click on t...

  • The Sedona Saturday Meditations

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    Enjoy these Saturday Meditations that Bentinho gave in Sedona 2017! Free for subscribers and non-subscribers.

    To download the audio files, simply click on the last thumbnail and the audio download will start immediately. Once downloaded, double-click the audio zip file to unpack it.

  • The Dream, Dreamer and the Dreamed

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    Your life is actually a dream inside of your own very own consciousness, and you can learn to direct this dream.

    In this powerful weekend retreat, Bentinho presents the tools and insights needed to shift your sense of identity from that of a victim of events to the creator of your life. Train yo...

  • Boulder Weekly Meetings (2014-2015)

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    During 2014-2015, Bentinho held a series of weekly meetings in Boulder, Colorado which were attended by the local community. These 22 sessions cover a variety of topics, and are free for subscribers as well as non-subscribers.

    2014 - 2015 Boulder, Colorado

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  • Flat Rock Retreat - Realize And Actualize 2013

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    This 8-day residential retreat, held in Flat Rock, North Carolina in 2013, was an exploration of Self-Realization and Self-Actualization, or enlightenment and empowerment. What emerged during this retreat was a profound and extremely transformational experience for participants. Bentinho’s teachi...

  • Boulder - Birthday Weekend Retreat 2015

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    During this weekend retreat, Bentinho discusses the basics, as well as more advanced topics, on how we create our own reality. Since there is no “outside world,” who is dreaming it into existence, if not you? No one else is experiencing your world; your I-Am. All experience exists inside of your ...

  • 8-Day Hawaii Retreat - Living In Bliss 2014

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    This was Bentinho’s first Hawaii Bliss retreat. His intention for this retreat was to give it an open structure without a predetermined topic, allowing retreat participants to direct the flow of the event with their questions. As a result, many intimate and personally transformative dialogues too...

  • The Dawning Of The New Age Retreat 2015

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    The time for a global shift in consciousness is Now, and you are at the cutting-edge of this shift. Master your frequency so you can inspire change in the world, becoming an inspiration to all whom you meet.

    October 2015 Boulder, Colorado

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  • The Three Teachings - Boulder Retreat 2013

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    During this 3-day retreat, Bentinho discussed in-depth each of his three main teachings:

    1. Enlightenment: Always already-present free Awareness
    2. Empowerment: Empowering and expanding oneself through self-actualization
    3. Infinity: Beyond experiencing; The Absolute

    May 2013 Boulder, Colorado

  • St. Thomas Retreat 2017

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    This retreat will connect the dots, revealing a new type of unified spirituality–one that is lead by those at the cutting-edge of an awakening humanity. We, who are already awake and empowered, will come together in this blissful retreat setting–with the ocean as our great nourisher and the Sun a...

  • Enlightenment 1

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  • Enlightenment 2

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  • Humility as a Gateway into Unity Consciousness

    Humility is a key prerequisite for greater freedom, greater purity, and closer resemblance between you and God. It is a great tool for dissolving the ego-construct. The assumption that you know something is like an edge, or a subtle independent tension, that separates you from the otherwise ocean...

  • End the Ego: There is Only One You

    In this casual late-night dialogue with his team, Bentinho explains how we unconsciously give our power away to the “false self” by fooling ourselves into believing it actually exists as a separate entity with a will of its own. Through examples and clear pointers, Bentinho dispels this myth and ...