• From Self-Despising Addict to Self-Loving Seeker – Here's How!

    In this video, Bentinho talks about how addiction is essentially a form of seeking something that we believe we don't have or don't contain. He emphasizes the importance of re-framing addiction by remembering that we are seekers of wholeness, truth, and liberation, and from this context, or remem...

  • The Ability To Shift Your State At Will

    In this video, Bentinho Massaro explores formless awareness, free will and our ability to shift our state at will. He explains that while we may identify heavily with our bodies, personalities and beliefs, there is an essence of awareness that remains constant and formless. This awareness has the...

  • Meditations on Self-Actualization

    21 items

    Here you will find a playlist of guided meditations and techniques for your Self-Actualization practice.

    On the browse page you will also find meditation and techniques playlists for Self-Realization and The Absolute.

  • The Bliss Over Matter Hawaii retreat 2018

    23 items

    “Bliss over Matter - Transmuting the World”

    Watching this event is an opportunity to be in direct contact with mind-shattering Bliss and to be immersed in the field of Self-Realization, which powerfully catalyzes you to see your true Universal Self. This vision of your Universal Self/Awareness c...

  • The Lion's Gate Luxury Retreat

    11 items

    “The Rise of Shepherding Consciousness”

    A powerful, intimate, 4-day luxury retreat on the Lion's Gate — the Egyptian New Year — and the Harmonic Convergence, guided by Bentinho Massaro and Jocelyn Daher.

    Key topics covered in this retreat:

    How to attain, balance and empower Shepherding Consci...

  • The Eye of the Vortex Sedona Retreat

    14 items

    “Transcend Circumstances through Intoxication with the Infinite Intelligence of Bliss”

    Description by Bentinho: Last year, my Sedona Retreat was titled Eye of the Hurricane. That retreat addressed the circumstantial changes that await us in these times of rapid change and transparency/disclosure...

  • Netherlands 6-Day Retreat 2017

    23 items

    "Realize and Actualize"

    Meditation, Self-Realization & Transformation. Discover the fastest way to bliss and realize indescribable freedom and ONEness. Experience yourself as free beyond your body, thinking and the world.

    Topics include: sexual energy transfer and the nature of attraction betw...

  • Sedona Retreat - Master Your Bliss!

    16 items

    In order to ensure your future contains all you dream of–everything that makes your heart overflow with joy and love–you must learn how to master your frequency. By naturally increasing your vibration, you will attract an amazing, beyond-your-wildest dreams future–now. You are a powerful creator ...

  • Amsterdam Retreat 2016

    7 items

    Inevitable Success & Rapid Acceleration

    Many of you will catch yourselves this next year spontaneously sighing and completely relaxing, as if having achieved victory after a 10-year long battle, and saying: “Finally, what I have desired for so long is now truly here.”

    It’s like we are entering ...

  • Del Mar Retreat 2016

    5 items

    Bringing Spirituality into the 21st Century

    In this event Bentinho demystifies the ancient practice of Enlightenment, offers you the master keys to altering your reality, and inspires you to become a part of the leading-edge of conscious creators who will pave the way for a global shift into hig...

  • Mount Madonna Retreat 2015

    23 items

    “Amassing Free Will through Perfecting Balance”

    In this deeply devotional and advanced retreat, Bentinho focuses on how to achieve higher levels of free will by balancing love and wisdom through service-to-others oriented opportunities–while at the same time, attracting the life of your dreams a...

  • Let Go of your Past and Excel into your Future

    5 items

    “Let Go of Your Past and Excel Into Your Future”

    In honor of his birthday in 2016, Bentinho gave a 2-day retreat in Boulder, Colorado. This was an "ask Bentinho anything" retreat that gave lots of room for questions and answers. In addition, Bentinho gave an updated view of planet Earth and its...

  • Sedona Retreat 2016 - The Eye of the Hurricane

    16 items

    "Become a Vibrational Anchor for the New Earth"

    Become the clear, silent, knowing, radiating clarity that is the eye of the Hurricane. Embrace the fact that you are meant to be a cutting-edge leader who provides a haven of love, light and solutions at a time in which great transformation causes...

  • Maui Bliss Retreat - 2016

    14 items

    Bentinho + Hawaii—need we say more?

    Bliss is what you will learn to see, feel and become during this retreat. Bentinho becomes the embodiment of the frequency of divine bliss, and most of his teachings during this event are aimed at getting you beyond your mind’s limited constructs and into an u...

  • Bentinho Academy Q&A's

    5 items

    These four videos are online seminars Bentinho gave to members of Trinfinity Academy in January and February of 2016. Sessions revolve around questions asked by participants and answers given by Bentinho.

    January-February 2016, various locations

    To download the audio files, simply click on t...

  • Mastering The Gap Workshop 2014

    3 items

    “Mastering the gap between where you are and where you want to be”

    Suffering: Wanting something that is not here (yet).
    Antidote: Master the gap. Master the state between where you are and where you want to be.

    In this workshop, Bentinho explores the significance of the “gap” between where you...

  • The Dream, Dreamer and the Dreamed

    7 items

    Your life is actually a dream inside of your own very own consciousness, and you can learn to direct this dream.

    In this powerful weekend retreat, Bentinho presents the tools and insights needed to shift your sense of identity from that of a victim of events to the creator of your life. Train yo...

  • Boulder Weekly Meetings (2014-2015)

    23 items

    During 2014-2015, Bentinho held a series of weekly meetings in Boulder, Colorado which were attended by the local community. These 22 sessions cover a variety of topics, and are free for subscribers as well as non-subscribers.

    2014 - 2015 Boulder, Colorado

    To download the audio files, simply cl...

  • Flat Rock Retreat - Realize And Actualize 2013

    19 items

    This 8-day residential retreat, held in Flat Rock, North Carolina in 2013, was an exploration of Self-Realization and Self-Actualization, or enlightenment and empowerment. What emerged during this retreat was a profound and extremely transformational experience for participants. Bentinho’s teachi...

  • The Dawning Of The New Age Retreat 2015

    3 items

    The time for a global shift in consciousness is Now, and you are at the cutting-edge of this shift. Master your frequency so you can inspire change in the world, becoming an inspiration to all whom you meet.

    October 2015 Boulder, Colorado

    To download the audio files, simply click on the last t...

  • The Three Teachings - Boulder Retreat 2013

    8 items

    During this 3-day retreat, Bentinho discussed in-depth each of his three main teachings:

    1. Enlightenment: Always already-present free Awareness
    2. Empowerment: Empowering and expanding oneself through self-actualization
    3. Infinity: Beyond experiencing; The Absolute

    May 2013 Boulder, Colorado

  • Academy Online Workshops

    5 items

    These six videos are workshops given by Ryan Brown, a former member of Bentinho’s team. The purpose of these workshops were to clarify some of the concepts in Trinfinity Academy.

    2016, online

    These videos are free for subscribers as well as non-subscribers. To download the audio files, simply ...

  • Valentine's Day Webinar

    2 items

    This is a one-day webinar Bentinho gave the day before Valentine’s Day in 2016. His talk was centered around how to create and attract satisfying partnerships, and how to take them deeper once they have arrived. Bentinho points out in this talk that the most important foundation of a good partner...

  • Manifesting From Oneness - Oahu Workshop

    3 items

    This is a one-day event Bentinho gave in Oahu, Hawaii in February 2016.

    February 2016, Oahu Hawaii

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