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  • Going Beyond

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    Is there anything beyond God? Why does one need to even consider that possibility? Well, this question has to be held close to one’s heart in a sacred space of silent attention, with the intensity of focused power of will and the softness of devotion. One of the staple teachings of Bentinho is ma...

  • The Power of Surrender

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    Learn about the many facets of what is known as the practice of Surrender. There’s a lot of talk about letting go and surrender out there, but true Surrender is giving away that which you’re afraid of, or simply don’t want to let go of. Its frequency is very close to the sacred practice, or attit...

  • Service to Others

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    The topic of Service To Others (STO) is a multilayered one with countless nuances. Yet, there’s nothing simpler than honestly looking, through the lens of your beautiful heart, and realizing that your highest desire is to be of service to that which created “you” in the first place. STO is a jour...

  • Deconstructing Beliefs

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    Dive into the most effective ways to excavate and transmute that which governs your life from behind the scenes - beliefs. There’s nothing else in the way of the infinite flow of power and joy except that which you, at some point, assumed about the nature of every single experience in your life. ...

  • Harnessing Your Will

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    Understanding unstoppable, unbounded, eternal, and infinite Free Will that you are might be your first step to experientially discover the nature of your true Self. In fact, you’re using your Free Will every millisecond of your existence as a human being. Learn to gather your will with powerful p...

  • Merging with God

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    The Infinite Mystery of existence has to be experienced directly, not by intellectualizing and coming up with conclusions based on your previous experience. Merging with that which creates and animates the existence without effort is the unquenchable desire of your essence. The path towards God i...

  • Imagineer Your Reality

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    Learn to use the power of your wonderful imagination. You are the Creator of your reality, and your imagination is the way you create worlds. The more consciously you create, the more evidence of your creative power you are able to see. There’s a process of creation that you can learn and apply. ...

  • The Power of Desire

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    Learn about the unstoppable power of desire in a way that doesn’t frame it as a negative trait of the human mind. Instead, realize that all desires are God’s desires and shift your attitude towards serving as a pure conduit for the Creator’s power to flow through you. Enjoy the ride of your excit...

  • Self-Actualization/Empowerment

    3 seasons

  • Self-Realization/Enlightenment

    5 seasons

  • The Absolute

    4 seasons

  • Meditations on Self-Actualization

    21 items

    Here you will find a playlist of guided meditations and techniques for your Self-Actualization practice.

    On the browse page you will also find meditation and techniques playlists for Self-Realization and The Absolute.

  • Meditations on Self-Realization

    32 items

    Here you will find a playlist of guided meditations and techniques for your Self-Realization practice.

    On the browse page you will also find meditation and techniques playlists for Self-Actualization and The Absolute.

  • Meditations on The Absolute

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    Here you will find a playlist of guided meditations and techniques for your practice on The Absolute.

    On the browse page you will also find meditation and techniques playlists for Self-Realization and Self-Actualization.

  • Bentinho Massaro Sessions

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  • Mirror Talks podcast

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    Welcome to the Mirror Talks Podcast with Bentinho Massaro where we deconstruct some of humanity's most disconnecting and limiting assumptions and offer an alternative: a free state of consciousness—unbiased, naturally wise, and genuinely loving.

    We will shed a more enlightened perspective on eve...

  • Bentinho Massaro’s Global Enlightenment Retreat

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    A Free Online Course in the Art of Self-Realization.

    “Let us turn this unintentional global quarantine into an intentional Global Enlightenment Retreat. While the world reassembles itself, let us anchor ourselves in the state of being from which we wish to generate a new Earth. Let us unplug fro...

  • Las Vegas Luxury Retreat Nov 2019 (audio only)

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    In November of 2019, Bentinho hosted an exclusive, private retreat in Las Vegas, Nevada. The small group of participants, who were from the US, Canada and Europe, were inquisitive and open, often sharing deeply personal material as a means to recognize and transform their “stuck points.”

    This r...

  • New Year’s Exclusive Family-Style Retreat 2020 (audio)

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    After a grand and elegant Conscious Class New Year’s Eve party in The Netherlands, Bentinho hosted a small private retreat in which he inspired participants to align themselves to their highest aspirations and the best version of themselves as a way to start 2020 and the new decade with power and...

  • Amsterdam Weekend Event with Bentinho - Febr 2020

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    “The Instantaneous Resolution into Freedom from Any and All Emotions.”

    “Through a subtle shift in understanding, one can gain instant and complete liberation from all thoughts, emotions and disturbances, without pushing any of them away, without suppressing or avoiding, and without replacing th...

  • Weekend Event in Amsterdam with Bentinho Jan 2019

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    In this event, Bentinho shows you ways to open the gateway to Intelligent Energy (God-Consciousness) and Intelligent Infinity (The Absolute). He also clarifies some of the Law of One cosmology and teachings so you can accelerate your spiritual awakening. This is a deeply transformational weekend!...

  • The Evolution of Religion - Amsterdam 2018

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    “The times, they are ‘a changin” as Bob Dylan famously wrote. And fast, too. Faster and faster, it seems. This has already begun to affect our politics, our science, our economics and our social relationships, but religion has stood fairly strong until recently…

    Bentinho’s description of the eve...

  • The Netherlands Retreat July 2018

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    "Infinity in Absolute Abundance: Realize the One Infinite Creator in Everything."

    This retreat focuses on different ways to directly realize more of the One Infinite Creator as being who YOU actually are. During this retreat, Bentinho guides participants into an exploration of ‘inner ways’ to wi...

  • The Bliss Over Matter Hawaii retreat 2018

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    “Bliss over Matter - Transmuting the World”

    Watching this event is an opportunity to be in direct contact with mind-shattering Bliss and to be immersed in the field of Self-Realization, which powerfully catalyzes you to see your true Universal Self. This vision of your Universal Self/Awareness c...